Hi friends,

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:  We have an opportunity to go record our newest single 'This Ain't Goodbye' with producer Kyle Schonewill in Nashville, TN at the end of November!  Kyle is an accomplished musician and producer having worked with many successful artists as well as playing lead guitar for MIKESCHAIR! Nashville, as most of you probably know, is home to many of the worlds greatest recording studios and musicians so we are really excited to work with such talented people!  But sadly recording in Nashville doesn't come cheap.  We've saved up a portion ourselves but need to raise a total of $2000 more in the next 2 weeks to make this happen.  The money will help to cover some of our expenses including flights to Nashville, food and lodging, transportation to the studio, and the cost of recording.  Will you consider partnering with us?  Any amount you are able to donate will be greatly appreciated!  If you are unable to support financially, we also covet your prayers in this endeavor! Please pray that we reach our financial goal, and that the whole process goes smoothly.  To donate, just click the "Donate" button above and enter the amount you would like to give.  All the money raised will go directly towards our Nashville trip and the single will be released as a free download to the public!  Lastly we just want to thank you guys for all the support you have shown us this far in our music careers!  Without you we never would have even received this amazing opportunity!  God bless!